Top 10 Best Car Stereos For 2017

The Best Car Stereos replicate the newest in digital audio technology. The best car stereos do not just produce high-quality sound; they integrate the newest trends in digital tech in a bid to make your listening to music easy and simple. Below you will find our top ten best car stereos;


The JVC KDR is deserving of a spot on the list. It’s built to meet the requirements of a music lover. This receiver has removable face plates and so is easy to use. The main feature of this device is its display that allows the user to the album as well as the song names displayed. The remote control allows users to enjoy going through different settings from the comfort of their sofa.

Boss Audio

The Boss Audio is also among the best receivers. The receiver is built to meet all sound and quality requirements. It comes with USB ports to fit USB devices. It also plays music from the USB devices, saving the user from the struggle of using CDs that get damaged. It’s also very simple to fit and use. It is light and small, and this makes it easy to fit and transport.

Dual XR4115

This device is a digital media receiver as well as a remote control that make it easier for the user to get the stations they want instantly. With an outstanding power output, users are guaranteed quality sound. The device, like its counterparts, is easy to fit and use, and its blue button light makes it look even nice. Dual XR4115 is also a receiver that has all you need for your Mp3 collection.

Power Acoustik

The Power Acoustik stereo system is built to work some magic when it is installed in a vehicle. The radio allows users to listen to great sound quality and will make them yearn for more music. In addition, users will enjoy a radio channel. Power Acoustik lets you convert your videos for easy use and compatibility. Its classic appearance also adds beauty to a car.


The Masione is unarguably one of the best receivers on the market. This model has a USB input section, SD card slot, and also a high-frequency receiver. As you drive, you can enjoy continuous music as it can interchange the music using a remote control. Masione also has the best connection wires and mounting speakers that make it quite easy to install. The system also has the best equalizers to give a great sound. This feature allows the user to select a mode that matches their mood. The devices multicolor LCD adds some beauty to the car as well.

Kenwood KDC-152 In-Dash

This device is one stereo system that’s designed to make a vehicle look even more stylish. This reciever is easy to install and offers quality sound too. You’ll discover that this system looks simple, but it does all you want. It also comes with a remote control making it very easy for the user to pick your favorite songs. The control systems on the stereo are very easy to understand, and this makes its work quicker compared to some other brands. Its CD feature does not detect scratches on a CD helping the user listen to music at any time.


The Sony DSXS310BTX is a highly recommended media unit. The stereo system has every connection device intact. The device allows for Bluetooth connection and can make users forget all about CDs. It is also easy to both install and use. With this powerful sound system, users can enjoy music without any interference from external sounds. Its display unit is excellent allowing users to set and review any information with ease. They can also enjoy digital satellite radio with a high-frequency transmission. The stereo system also has a simple wireless remote that allows you control the music as you drive.

Kenwood KDC

It’s very easy to fit and has exceptional sound quality. The stereo system gives users the options to quickly switch through stations with other unique settings. It also has a high signal sensor making it the perfect in receiving various channels. The CD feature is built with advanced technology, and it can play almost any CD with scratches.

Pioneer In-Dash

The Pioneer In-Dash system will make any car look astonishing. This system lets you set your preferences so you can listen to soothing and clear music. Its Bluetooth feature is clear and gives users an opportunity to transmit great content without any hanging or interruptions. Its screen display is clear, and also serves multiple functions which include displaying all the data you have connected to your system. This stereo lets you customize the colors being shown to get the best suited for you.

Alpine CDE-143BT

The Alpine is a car stereo designed to make great sounds. It’s designed to make way for a quick installation. The device’s high-speed USB connection allows you to connect your USB sticks and iPod and also takes a very short time to connect. This lets you listen to music on the go. The Bluetooth features allow you to connect your wireless devices making it a lot easier to hear. The device has a high power connection, and this gives it quality sound production. The receiver is relatively cheap and has a good display light.